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Your website is you.

It is the face of your company, your brand, and your personality.

And it has to work hard.

Presenting the right image to your target audience, promoting your goods and services, driving sales, and supporting business growth.

Whether you’re looking to develop a site from scratch, or you have an existing site that needs updating, typing into Google “web developers near me” is only the start.

Finding the right web developer who can perfectly meet your requirements, create your site’s structure, and deliver a high-performing website requires identifying your objectives and having a clear understanding of what you actually want the site to do.

So what do you need before engaging a web developer?

A clear picture of your target audience – who are you building the site for?

It’s always useful to have a brief overview of your company ready for a potential web developer. Outlining your business sector, whether you are a goods-based business, service-based, or a mixture of both; who your ideal customer is, and what do they need from your site?

By clearly identifying your target market and audience, the next step is to build your website’s structure, focusing on the goals and top priorities for the site that meet the needs of your audience.

Setting the context allows your developer to set up your site to achieve these goals and more.

A list of any specific requirements.

Whether you want/need a simple website or something a little more complex, listing your requirements from the start not only helps with the quoting process (which supports your budgeting criteria) but also makes scoping much easier, providing everyone with an idea of what the development process will entail.

It’s also essential that you are specific in your requirements; for example, if you need user systems such as payment options, or multiple languages, specify these, i.e., which languages, and what payment systems can you accept?

Even the simplest of websites aren’t as simple when we break down the behind-the-scenes development requirements.

Any current branding, logos, etc.

Do you already have a strong brand presence that you want to migrate to your new site? Does this include logos and imagery?

Having branding guidelines and logos already available can be helpful to developers when creating the look and feel of your website.

However, if you don’t have these elements and would like to develop your logo and brand identity with the web developer, make sure to include these in the initial discussions, as creating logos and brand identities adds to project requirements and timescales.

An idea of the types of designs you like.

It is always good for a developer to know the types of websites you like, the different elements you want to see on your site, what you think would work for your customers, and what designs and styles you would like to avoid.

Do you have certain requirements around functionality as well as look and feel?

Pictures can often speak a thousand words, and links to sites you like or admire can help illustrate what you’re looking for in a much better way.

Content at the ready.

The age-old debate of what comes first, copy or design, continues to rumble on online; however, for a developer to better understand your business and what you want your site to say and do, content should always be in place first. Allowing the design to perfectly represent and match the content provided .


Do you have any upcoming deadlines to be aware of? Are you working with any other third parties who may have time restrictions? Is the launch of your new website time sensitive, etc.?

Timescales are always a significant factor in website development, and being aware of certain time-sensitive areas is important in prioritising requirements based on deadlines.


No one likes to talk money and what they have available for site development, but knowing the budget or estimates can help. Allowing professional web developers to provide you with multiple ways to achieve your requirements, i.e., different options can be provided based on your budget criteria.

I have an existing website; what do I need to do now?

If you have an existing website that you’re looking to update and redevelop, it’s vital that you give as much detail and information as possible to your chosen developer.

Information such as:

  • What is the background of your current site?
  • Is there an existing developer still involved in the running of the site?
  • Do you own your domain?
  • Do you need hosting that suits the requirement of the website?
  • Do you need content rewritten or migrated?

Knowing and having the answers to these questions can be extremely helpful in pre-empting any potential sticking points moving forward.

At Arkay, we keep projects running smoothly, meeting all requirements, specifications, and more, knowing the current setup and history behind any existing sites and your business.

We help put in place operational action plans that both parties can work with, meeting timescales, supporting your user’s journey online, and providing you with a high-performing website you can be proud of.

For a web developer, you can trust, get in touch and call us today on 029 2252 0301 or email us your requirements.