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With the first quarter of the Arkay year now complete, we want to showcase and highlight projects we have been working on, what these have involved, what projects we have on the horizon and answer the question on everyone’s minds, what is it that we actually do?!

Let’s start with….

There is no one enquiry type that fits all

Website builds are changing. 

Not necessarily the process of the build but rather the types of website development requests.  

Moving from the freelancer-based and recently started company requests (where site builds focus on a personal website, brochure-style site, or portfolio-style site builds) to a range of enquiries from established businesses. Businesses that are now looking at redeveloping their website due to increased growth, the need to improve efficiencies, or because the requirement to increase functionality has demanded a redevelopment.

However, we know that redeveloping a website can be a significant investment. We also understand that it can be risky as you move and transition customers away from your old site and migrate them to your new one.

The good news is that at Arkay, we’re equipped to support you through it all. Using our experience and tried and tested methods, we know what works, what businesses should avoid, and we have the processes in place to create a seamless web development experience.

We also believe that collaboration is key. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work” – and for all this might sound cheesy and very cliche, collaboration in website development cannot be underestimated.  

For example, we recently collaborated with digital website guru Sarah Tamsin on the Impact Wales membership website. A website that holds a whole host of information for teachers and education professionals to access. Working together, Impact Wales now has a website that focuses on the customer journey, with an e-commerce, subscription, and membership configuration that works for them. Tailoring their solution so that the back-end system is easy to use, flexible, and will support continued growth.

We’ve also worked with the team at Hello My PA to develop two great websites; Circular Economy in Road Construction and Maintenance – CARICOM and Finance and Governance Support for UK Charities. Working together, we were able to streamline workflows, push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, and deliver a website that truly delivers for the client.

Websites to be proud of

We’re proud of all the great website projects and collaborations we’re part of and as we come to the end of quarter one, the Arkay team is pleased to announce the developed and now live:

Warm Wales website – Tackling Fuel Poverty in Wales Together – a community-style web development that provides a continuous stream of online news and updates. This site required a high level of functionality to help support user engagement, as well as a structured site map to support the high volume of content.

Apprenticeship Wales website – Building a community of learning – the development of Apprenticeship Wales required a content management system like no other. A system and backend database that could house hundreds of courses that could be searched for, listed, and referenced online to ensure visitors to the site could find everything they need and quickly.

The suspense is building….

We can’t give away too much, but we are working on two exciting sites which we will launch at the start of quarter two.

What we can tell you….

With one site, an online community hub, this site showcases the community’s fantastic work and how people can get involved, sign up to receive the latest news, look into partnership opportunities, encourage discussion, solve problems, and more. The build of this website must not only include engaging design and content, but behind the scenes, it must have the flexibility to manage requests, content management systems must be straightforward to use, and the site must work alongside marketing automation.

Our next website to go live is a bilingual site promoting the power of nature in healing. This particular site has a very important message to convey, so the site requires CSS styling that is legible for the target audience, helping to apply a consistent approach to the look and feel of the site, and developing a strong online brand presence. Being a global site, we also ensure translations run as smoothly as possible.

However, it’s not all about the build

At Arkay, we work closely with networks and large membership organisations like Freelance Heroes. Supporting their digital presence and improving their online offering to members by looking at ways to improve the online customer journey.

We also provide reliable hosting solutions and ongoing maintenance services for clients (check out our post on What Plugins do I need to see what updates your website really needs), saving you considerable time and resources.

Due to our exceptional customer service (check out some of our great testimonials) and experience in website build and development, we’re excited to be expanding our reach with clients outside of the UK. Providing development solutions that are effective, straightforward, and ultimately work.

So, what do we do?

We build websites that overcome challenges and deliver real results. Whether setting up or optimising your online store or developing a fast-loading, mobile responsive site, we work closely with all our clients to develop and build a website solution that ticks all the boxes.

Find out how we can help you today; call 029 2252 0301or email, and we’ll get back to you asap.