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A website audit that goes beyond facts and figures 

Whether it is checking for broken links, redirected pages, page speed, page optimisation, security issues, technical SEO, and more, our website audits provide you with an external perspective on how your site is performing.

We optimise your online presence by auditing your current website and providing a full report on what works well and what areas could be improved—making you easier to find, easier to buy from and always one step ahead of the competition.

Measuring the efficiency of your site, we provide solutions to improve and transform.

We know that for a website to be effective, it has to be dynamic. And we understand that as a website owner, you want to ensure your site is a high-performing, secure, and top-ranking SEO sales machine.

Feel confident in your site – speak to our team today.

What you may need

High performance

Are pages loading slowly? Images not appearing at all? Are users dropping off your site or certain pages, and you want to find out why? Let us help. At Arkay, we delve into all aspects of website performance. Not only identifying the “why” but also providing you with the “how” you can improve performance and keep your target audience on your site for longer.

Strengthen website security

Managing your website security can be the bane of your life – we get it. There is a lot, and we mean a lot of online security issues, to now track, monitor, and manage. If you’ve had security issues with your website in the past or are experiencing ongoing security threats, now is the time for a website audit. Helping you to identify areas that need urgent repair and how you can future-proof your site and business from further cyber-attacks and data loss.

Reduce storage use

Is your database holding your website back? Are you experiencing frustrating issues because you’ve hit your storage quota? Do you have so many files, images incorrectly sized, and more that you no longer know the reason why your online pages may be running slow? Supporting you in database management, our audits crawl through your storage usage and database, providing you with areas for improvement, and tracking down all storage reduction solutions.

Who we have worked with:

What we can provide

Confidence. Confidence for you and your customers that you have a high-performing and efficient site that is secure for customers and delivers on performance for you.

Our website audits help to transform your website. Driving positive results from auditing, app development, website hosting, technical consultancy, and more, trust us; there is no broken link or slow web page we can’t find and repair.

  • Consultation
    Working collaboratively with you, we delve into the history of your current website along with the setup to better understand what is working well and areas for improvement. Communication is key, and we talk through all results with potential solutions offered along the way.
  • Improving website performance
    Whether we improve site performance through stripping back any unused code or plugins, cleaning up files and databases, or we align your setup with industry best practices and standards, our aim remains – ‘to provide you with an audit that leads to an outcome of a high performing website.’
  • Securing the website
    We understand the need to protect your business and data, which is why we provide additional security for your site setup, including firewalls and Content Delivery Networks suitable to your requirements and site needs.

Building websites with confidence.