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How can Arkay Digital help you to get started with your Website?

Designing and developing high-performing, secure, and responsive websites that look great and work seamlessly, we integrate the elements you want and develop what you need to achieve a purposeful website that makes an impact.

We aim to support businesses and brands of all sizes, which is why we’re completely flexible in our services. From small brochure-style websites to large eCommerce platforms and membership sites, we work with you to create a sustainable platform that allows your business to grow.

Our full range of services, experience, and technical knowledge continually drives us to deliver cost-effective, creative web solutions.

Whether you need a new website or your existing site needs updating, we work with you to understand your business, your customers, your project goals, and the challenges you face, developing bespoke solutions tailored to you.

What you may need

Ecommerce Website

Helping you to grow your brand, support your marketing, and attract new customers, the right eCommerce site is all you need to sell effectively online. Available to operate 24/7, whether a WooCommerce website or Shopify, we can help with the design and development of all plugins.

Membership Website

Developing a website specific to your target market that includes member-only access can not only improve customer loyalty, create an online community around your content, and build authority and trust, but it can also be a great opportunity to ensure a recurring revenue stream through subscription payments.

Brochure Website

Having an online presence is no longer a nice to have; it is a must-have. And by providing continual access to your products, services, and information with a brochure website, you can continue communicating with your customers and growing your brand and business online.

Learning Management System

If you’re responsible for training and development, then an effective, easy-to-manage LMS system is vital. Helping you to track learner progress with ease and measure levels of interaction, with the right e-learning platform, you can now provide a collaborative training tool that makes training accessible to all.

Magazine Style Website

Supporting high volumes of traffic and content, a magazine-style website allows you to communicate various pieces of information quickly and in one view. Incorporating a specific design and infrastructure that supports written content, video, images, subscriptions, access to premium content, and more.

Integrated Website

We can build robust websites that integrate seamlessly with your CRM software, newsletter system, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc., to allow you to manage your sales activities effectively. You can now have improved visibility of a customer’s buying habits and behaviour and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to support your business strategies further.

We Have Developed Websites For

What we can provide

We stay close to cutting-edge technology, using robust technology stacks that we know inside and out to create websites that deliver the results you need.

From eCommerce to app development, hosting, technical consultancy, and more, we’re with you at every stage of your website development.

  • On Brand Design
    Connecting people to the products and services you offer through design, we create user-friendly, responsive websites that enhance your brand, boost recognition, and provide a high level of brand consistency. Providing custom builds and designs, we help you to find the perfect solution.
  • Development to Last
    We develop robust, future-proof websites that allow for scalability and growth. A site that reflects you, is easy to use, optimised, and readily accessible with fresh quality content and calls to action that generate leads, increase traffic, sell products, and raises brand awareness.
  • Securely Developed Website
    We understand the requirement to protect your business, brand, and reputation. And we know that in the world of digital the need to protect sensitive information and data is essential. That’s why we develop websites using secure best practices, building websites you can trust.

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