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In this post, we look at what it means to have a website.

The year down the line website.

The point at which you start to question if things are still running smoothly. If you’re still connecting with your target audience? Or even questioning if your website is up to date with the latest algorithms and SEO metrics?

The reality is you probably don’t have the answers to these questions – and that’s okay.

This is where a website audit comes in.

A performance review of your website. Analysing every aspect of your site and providing a detailed outcome of areas where it performs well and where improvements could be made.

Ultimately, a website audit ensures your website’s performance is on point.

Checking and understanding performance issues (technical), user experience (content and structure), security (patches and updates are applied), your visibility on search engines, web traffic, if the design of your website is still visually appealing, the structure, colour, content, images, etc. are all working correctly and together.

A website audit not only keeps your website safe, secure, and high-performing, but it also allows you to explore further opportunities for growth.

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Is a website audit for you?

Website audits aren’t for everyone. For example, you may be content for your competitors to take the lead and steal your customers.

You’re not too bothered where you appear in search rankings, and to be honest, you don’t believe that Google is so mighty that it can make or break a business.

You live by the saying – If your customers want to buy from you, they’ll find you, and if they can’t, they’ll ring you (they can’t find your phone number as your business doesn’t rank on Google, but hey, this is your business).

If people don’t like your website, tough. You like it, and you’ve talked about how wonderful you are in all content areas, so that’s all that matters.

Now, we understand that not everyone thinks like this, which is great, and at Arkay, we want to support those who want to continue growing their business, ensuring that their website is at the top of its game, boosting and enhancing their reputation, and bridging the gap between user experience and conversion to drive revenue.

For you, we want to ensure you reap the benefits of a website audit, benefits which include:

Improving the user experience

This is one of the biggest benefits of a website audit, as improvements in the user experience can increase leads, sales, contacts, reputation, brand, and more.

Within this area, a thorough website audit will identify content weak spots, i.e., where are there gaps, and how can we turn these into opportunities?

What content are people finding interesting? Is there something missing, a call to action that we could add to enhance this area?

How is content structured? Does this structure work? Is it too complicated or messy? Have you tried and tested alternative structures to analyse all outcomes?

A detailed website audit can arm you with this information so you can grow and improve. It also takes away the guessing game and provides hard evidence and facts you can build into targeted marketing strategies going forward.

Keeping you safe and secure

Keeping your website and all the content and data that sits alongside this safe and secure online is paramount. Unfortunately, cyber threats and attacks are only growing in their level of sophistication and delivery, so it is vital that your site stays up to date, has the most recent security patches installed, firewalls put in place, and more.

Regular website audits help to provide you with peace of mind that all of this is taken care of and your business and customer data are safe – again protecting your business reputation and providing you with confidence that these areas are under control.

Boosting SEO

SEO constantly changes. 

There are new algorithms, marketing know-how, and content edits occurring all of the time – and trust us, you need to make sure you’re keeping up, or you can fall victim to losing your ranking as quickly as overnight!

A website audit can provide you with an analysis of web vitals such as bounce rates, page load speeds, page rankings, time people spend on certain pages, links clicked, links broken, and so much more.

From here, you have the data to make the appropriate changes, helping you meet SEO criteria and boost organic growth.

Improving site performance

For the team at Arkay, our website audits all focus on the above elements, leading us to improve website performance.

We work to identify website speed, responsiveness, slow image loads, where users are dropping off, accessibility, and more. We strip back any unused plugins, tools, and code, clean up files and databases, and ensure your site continues to meet industry best practice standards.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, high-performing websites are vital.

Is now the time to make sure yours is delivering?

We encourage all website owners to audit their websites annually, allowing you to keep security high, performance outstanding, and your business reputation intact.

Showing continual improvement, website audits help to feed into your marketing and sales strategies, allowing you to boost conversions, increase your customer contacts/leads, and hit those key business objectives.

To book your website audit with us, fill in your contact details and any further information, and we’ll be in touch.