If you’re looking to build a website, you’ve probably heard of website builders. Sites such as WordPress.com, Wix and Squarespace have been set up to get you online quickly and for a small budget. In fact, in recent years, there has been a boom in the amount of website builders available online. They can make the process easier but come with limitations.

Builder cement

In today’s world, aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for quicker ways to get online to improve their digital presence, with custom builds being a popular option for start-ups. This is where website builders could be useful. 

So, what can website builders bring you?

No tech skill required

Website builders require little skill. Simply choose a template and follow the steps to get your website up and ready. It takes work but you aren’t starting from scratch, and many come with tutorial and help videos to get you started. You can also virtually arrange your website since builders mostly use drag and drop technology.

Fast and efficient

For entrepreneurs looking to get online fast, website builders can get you set up within hours. A fast and efficient process, many opt for builders for this reason. The process begins with a pre-designed template of your choosing, with ready to go tools and add-ons. Just add your content and publish! 

Small budget

If time isn’t an issue, another major factor to choosing website builders is the price. Website builders come with a low monthly fee and even the higher paid plans are cheaper in comparison to hiring someone. A lot of these builders come with bundles of hosting, domain names and website technical support. 

BEWARE: There are limitations to website builders!

Difficult to scale

Website builders are often limited, so, if you’re looking to build a large content site, you will likely run into restrictions. You will not have a flexible website that will grow with your business.

Don’t have complete control

Using a website builder is similar to renting a property – you are simply just renting webspace and do not own your site. You have less control, moving your site will be difficult and you face the risk of your site being taken down if it doesn’t comply with their terms of service.  

Functionality is limited

Functionality is an important part of website building and this is something website builders lack. Simple things will be easy to implement, but if you want any custom features, you’ll face restrictions.

Website builders have benefits, but they fall short in areas that are quite important for your website. So, what about bespoke websites?

Unique to your business

Having a custom-built website means that it is unique to you. Functionality is improved as custom features can be added and you can make the site ‘truly’ yours, fitting into the theme and your business requirements. As your business grows, your site can be adapted too with future updates and new features.

Ready for SEO

SEO is vital for getting your website seen in search results. Custom-built websites take into consideration everything you need to think about for SEO, so it is ready for you. This includes page loading times, compatibility with different devices and ease of navigation. These are things you won’t have to worry about yourself, freeing up time to focus on the content.


Unlike website builders, you have control over a bespoke website. You say exactly what you want, and it will be done. Flexibility is a key component to custom-built sites, so you aren’t limited to specific templates or features.

Finally, the most important feature of a bespoke website is that it’s YOURS! It is your intellectual property and doesn’t rely on a third party. This does mean that maintenance will have to be taken into consideration – for example, updates to plug-ins. However, this allows you to choose the plug-ins and overall, control your site the way you want to.