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Building and creating a website is a big deal.  

It’s your brand, your identity. You’re putting yourself out there, visible for everyone to see. So, of course, you want a website that looks good and creates an excellent first impression.  

In fact, the quality of your web design and the site’s functionality will affect your credibility with your customers, so it’s vital that you get it right.

However, you also need to ensure that your website works for you.

Building a website and a good website can be complex. There are various features and functions to consider to ensure it ticks all of your boxes, and often we find there will be inevitable points when people reach out and contact a digital team for support.

But when is the best time to speak to a site developer, and what are the main reasons you might look to use a digital development professional?

Reasons you might need a web developer

You’re aware you need an online presence but don’t know where to start

We get it. There is a lot more to a site than colours and words. From coding to databases, servers, font sizes, mobile optimisation, and more, everything, and we mean everything, must be considered when going online. With just over 83% of businesses owning a website in 2019, make sure you’re not missing sales from your online customers. For a professional-looking and functional website, you inevitably need web support.  Support with hosting, domain management, site speeds, troubleshooting, and more. These specialist skills can help your website move from a standard site template to a site that is 100% unique and provides a seamless customer experience.

You have an existing website, but it no longer meets your needs

For example, it’s dated, limited in the functionality that is now required or is performing poorly. You may also require more complex changes beyond your average visual changes.  As your business grows you need to make sure your website also reflects this growth.

You put value on the online aspect of your business

…and now you’re looking for something more long-term. Updating your website with a fresh design, a more mobile application with increased functionality will provide the perfect online customer experience to support your business aims and objectives, improve online sales, and help you achieve your business goals.

Your website is not responsive 

This is a significant feature of online and digital today. If your website isn’t performing and isn’t responsive, you will experience higher bounce rates, customers will spend less time on the site, and you will drop in search engine results. Can you take the risk?

Saves time

Building a website takes time. You need to carefully consider site structure and architecture, page layout, design, development, functionality, etc. A professional developer has the experience and expertise in all areas of web development to take the project from concept to completion, saving you considerable time and resources.

You don’t have a design background 

If you don’t have a design background, your website can very quickly become disorganised, unattractive, or just like every other site. At Arkay Digital we understand the importance of creating visually pleasing websites. Websites that are custom built and designed to meet your requirements creating an online brand presence that is unique to you.

Your site is extremely complex 

You may opt to use a developer if you need someone to continuously take care of your site due to the level of hands-on work the site requires, the complexity of changes, and the volume of changes. These sites may be in retail or e-commerce, where you have a lot of content and information online.

You don’t understand coding 

Coding is a very specialist area of web development, and to have a seamless online customer experience getting your coding right is vital. You want to meet all user needs ensuring content, graphics, and overall navigation ultimately provide a positive user experience.

You need to be more competitive

With the right website, you can not only match your competitors, but you can supersede them.

Time to hire a developer?

Ideally, hiring a developer early on in the project is essential, especially when a particular project or website is central to your business.

With involvement from the start, you can make more informed decisions as everyone will be on hand to provide their input, advice, and guidance on which route to take. For example, do you opt for a `Do it Yourself` approach, look into online page builders, or do you hire someone for the entirety of the project?

When looking at which option is right for you, it’s important to look beyond the cheapest and quickest option. Instead, consider the quality of hosting, website setup, and how this will meet your needs now and in the future.

Trust us when we say it may be more costly in the long run if you choose an option that quickly becomes quite limiting and restricting for your current and future needs. You really want to avoid needing a complete website rebuild where you’re effectively paying twice!

Involving a developer from the start could also provide you with other options and integrations that you may be unaware of, but that could help support your business tremendously.

To find out about the process and timings involved in a project (including time for that all-important testing), check out our blog HERE.

At Arkay Digital, we create incredible (if we do say so ourselves) websites. Testing code, ensuring sites are mobile and responsive in their designs and functionality using standard HTML/CSS practices with backend databases and servers to meet your requirements.

We aim to make your online ideas come to life, ensuring the sites we provide exceed your expectations and requirements meeting your needs now and in the future.

The right site can live on for years. Create something you can be proud of today – call us on 029 2252 0301 or email your requirements to