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When looking for the right web developer, think about finding the perfect partner.

You want a developer you can trust and rely on, someone who will listen to you, not necessarily always agree with you, but who will provide you with food for thought and alternative suggestions and solutions.

Of course, it helps if they know their web development stuff too!

However, web development is a big area and very open, with a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and calling themselves a developer, but the reality can be very different.

To help, at Arkay, we look at where to start when looking for the right web developer for you, some of the most important things to look out for, what a good developer is, and how you can be sure.

Why do you need a web developer?

It’s always a good idea to know why you’re looking for a web developer to help form an idea of what it is you’re actually looking for.

For example, do you have an existing site that needs an upgrade?

Do you require a robust content management system to support customer data and marketing efforts?

Are you looking for someone who understands HTML from JavaScript to help you make your site more SEO and user-friendly?

Do you need a mobile-optimised site to help improve sales and your customer experience?

Are you looking to create an app to support your business and have no idea where to start?

Ultimately, do you want and need someone to take care of the entire process of creating and setting up your website from start to finish?

How a web developer can help

We like to think of web developers as those who can provide digital solutions. Enhancing your digital presence to support your business growth and development, working with the right web developer can help you:

  • Promote your brand
  • Boost sales, and drive revenue
  • Collect customer data (compliantly) for marketing purposes
  • Improve the overall user experience
  • Deliver a website that gets results.

A good web developer

A lot of people know the basics linked to coding and programming a website, but what they can sometimes lack is depth and experience.

You need to find genuine skilled, experienced web developers amid a sea of novices, and this can be pretty challenging.

To help, make sure to look for and ask about:


A web developer’s expertise and knowledge can come through in the questions you ask and the answers you receive.

During these conversations make sure to cover areas such as your domain and how this links to your emails. Do they provide hosting packages, or is this outsourced to a third party? What is their process for designing and creating the actual website and linking these elements together?

If you have an existing website, how will they migrate your old site to the new one, put redirects in place, consider pages with already high SEO and maintain this? You need to be confident in how they will move your content to the new site and the process for switching, a process that won’t cause downtime, issues with broken links, pages no longer appearing online, content missing, etc.

Ideally, your chosen web developer will have knowledge of online marketing practices, providing you with options and ideas to help support your site in the future. Remember you want a partner, someone who will be able to deploy your website technically but who also has experience they can share with you.

You need to feel confident that your web developer not only knows the answers to these questions and more, but they can demonstrate through past work and the services they provide their experience in handling all web development areas.

They’re not just a yes person

Developers are pretty opinionated, and this is a good thing!

Yes, of course, you want a web developer who will listen to you and create the website that you’ve always wanted; however, it’s also good to have someone who will positively challenge, provide alternative suggestions and solutions, and offer incredible value and insight into a range of web development areas.

A good web developer will take time to understand your goals, your key objectives, and how your site’s development can help achieve these.

Helping to shape your online presence, an experienced web developer will help to piece together technologies and processes seamlessly.

Technical know-how

Of course, web developers need to know the technical side of development; however, dig deeper and ensure that the web developer you choose to work with can develop compliant sites, meet best practices, develop sites that are compatible across various browsers, and more.

For example, are they working with the right scripts and coding, so site performance is not affected? Do they have the ability to deal with technical issues quickly and effectively? Have they provided guidance, and do they understand site security features?

Developing a website is much more than how it looks; it is also about how it performs and keeps information and data safe and secure.

It is all the technical aspects that you require to ensure a smooth user experience.

Ask your developer about their experience developing both front and back-end technologies. For example, do they have experience in custom databases? How do they link everything together, and is this manageable for you?

Are they comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

Ideally, a good developer is comfortable working with more than just one technology stack.

Past projects

This is where they might be able to talk the talk, but now they need to show you they can walk the walk!

Look at their past projects, reviews, and case studies.

Do they not just talk about mobile responsive design but actually do it?! Have they carried out integrations with other services, such as CRMs, and marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc.?

Do they provide custom functionality where a complex user system was required because simply installing off-the-shelf plugins just wouldn’t be enough?

By checking out some of a developer’s previous work and speaking with past customers, you will get a feel for their skills and experience. (Check out some of Arkay‚Äôs brilliant clients!)

Do they have the right people skills?

This is where all of the soft personal qualities come into play. For example, what vibe do you get when talking to them? What does your gut tell you? Do you like them?

Do they listen to you? Explain technical language in an easy-to-understand, non-technical way?

Are they reliable, trustworthy, professional, and responsive?

Do they treat you with respect and value your feedback?

Can they provide you with training and ongoing support even once the site is built?

Do they offer the full package, or do they subcontract elements, and if they subcontract, who to?

What to look for in a web developer

There is a lot more to finding the perfect web developer than simply typing into Google, “web developers near me.” You need to find a developer or team you can trust to create a website that meets your aims and objectives, promotes your online presence, and enhances your customer’s digital journey with you.

Talking to your developer and asking questions is the best way to find out more.

For a team you can trust, a team who knows web development inside and out and who boasts a stream of happy customers, speak to Arkay today on 029 2252 0301, or drop us an email with some questions and information relating to what you’re looking for and we’ll come back to you.