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About Annie

Annie and her team provide remote, back office support for entrepreneurs and businesses across the UK. She is passionate about supporting small business owners with sustainable business growth.

Whilst Rob is busy leading the way in digital development, Annie is making sure that everyone knows exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it and that they can find everything they need to find! From back office administration to digital content Annie is focused on customer experience at all levels.

When she isn’t tapping away on her laptop, Annie will be found working out in the gym (pretending to be a fitness fanatic), running around outdoors with her children and their goldendoodle Monty or most often, drinking tea and eating biscuits (because she went to the gym…)

Annie Browne

Growing a business is no mean feat and it can often be a lonely process if you don’t have the right network or community around you. There is a fine operational balance between having eyes on the ‘big picture’ and understanding and implementing the steps that will get you there.

That’s a lot of hats.

Working alongside experienced developers like Robert means having a sounding board to help you work out the right solutions AND having the experts at hand to implement them too.

Additionally, being able to tap into the Arkay’s professional network is of huge value to anyone who needs more than a basic website.

Key Skills

  • People person
  • Super organised
  • Progressive thinker