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Welsh ICE is a hub in South Wales for anyone who is passionate about enterprise. They provide a space where startups, freelancers, remote workers and established businesses can thrive with the support of experienced mentors and access to resources that new businesses need to start and grow.



Key Requirements

  • Redevelopment
    Redevelopment of a website which had become non-functional
  • Hosting
    An all in one solution for effective website development and reliable hosting
  • Robust Build
    Developed with robust foundations ensuring optimised functionality and user experience

Have your own project?


Website development solution provided by Arkay Digital:

  • Bi-lingual Setup
    Enabling an optimised user experience for both English and Welsh speakers using WPML
  • Integrations
    Seamless digital processes with existing systems such as chat, Mailchimp and Calendly
  • Easy to Edit
    Website content and blog editing made easy for the Welsh ICE team