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Impact Wales supports schools with improving standards. Their ever-growing membership base requires the organisation to be flexible and adaptable to their clients needs and their website needs to follow suit.

Arkay Digital was approached to provide development expertise in redeveloping their existing WordPress site. Working alongside the Impact Wales team and in collaboration with digital consultant Sarah Tamsin to ensure the website would be easily and efficiently maintained in-house, the Arkay Digital team redeveloped the site to the client spec; ensure the website can grow efficiently with the company and membership base.

Key Requirements

  • Growth
    Removal of restrictive features on the site to enable it to grow and scale with an increase in members.
  • Ecommerce
    Replacing the current ecommerce platform with a system that offers more flexibility and can be supported going forwards
  • User Management
    Setting up multiple user and school roles to ensure functionality meets the offering of the membership e.g. ensuring schools can manage their own users.

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Website development solution provided by Arkay Digital:

  • Subscription based user system
    Tier based memberships providing access to varying levels of resources with download quotas
  • Ecommerce and User Data Migration
    Development of a new ecommerce subscription system using WooCommerce, including a seamless migration of thousands of paying users, to prevent user drop-offs
  • Secure logins
    Implementing two factor authentication with custom QR code generation for an extra level of security