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Design Tribe, a collaborative design and marketing studio, provide full-service design support and  marketing direction for their clients. They had a strong desire to clearly communicate the way in which they work through their website in the most visually appealing and efficient way.

Arkay Digital was engaged for their development expertise, to support Design Tribe in bringing their company to life through their website and to build the foundations for an optimised digital presence.


Key Requirements

  • Getting Started
    Bringing the company to life digitally for the first time.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Optimising the website to ensure an effective digital presence.
  • Google Analytics
    Enabling the client to track the effectiveness of their website and SEO.

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Website development solution provided by Arkay Digital:

  • Website build
    A brochure site was created to effectively communicate the services, ethos and 'personality' of Design Tribe.
  • Impactful design
    Entrance animations were created to ensure that the site was engaging from the first page, creating the desired user experience.
  • Easy to use admin area
    An optimised admin area was developed so that the Design Tribe team could easily and efficiently create and update the portfolio items whilst ensuring that they were consistent on the front end of the website